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16 October 2018

Service Providers: Now You Can Build Automated and Extremely Profitable DDoS Scrubbing Services

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise, and the attackers are eyeing new prey. According to Neustar, 84 percent of companies surveyed in a research report were hit with at least one DDoS attack.

While larger companies may be prepared for the risk, small and medium businesses might feel more vulnerable. Still, 74 percent of companies plan to increase DDoS defense budgets, according to a report by A10 and IDG Connect.

Service providers (SPs) of all categories and sizes have an opportunity here. Whether you’re in mobile, internet, cloud, web hosting or colocation, this is your chance to improve stickiness and increase profits by offering DDoS scrubbing services to your customers

The Challenges of Offering DDoS Scrubbing Services

Of course, no good opportunity is without its challenges. Today, that challenge for SPs wanting to offer DDoS scrubbing services is creating a service that can

1.Scale to high number of paying tenants. Traditional defense solutions can typically only handle a few hundred customers per appliance, but you may actually serve tens of thousands. Be aware that the platform protecting your own infrastructures may not scale to your tenant pool.
2.Function under a properly trained team that isn’t too large for your budget. Even if you have a great in-house team, no organization has unlimited resources.

So, then, the key factors in building a profitable DDoS scrubbing service are:

1.Supporting tens of thousands of paying tenants (at least the capacity to do so).
2.Offering differentiated services to match tenants’ risk tolerance and available budget.
3.Running fully automated services with a limited staff.

Automation is the only viable option for SPs who want to instill customer loyalty while driving profits, and A10 has accomplished just that for modern DDoS defenses with recent innovations around automation, scale and performance for the Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS).

The Solution: Scalable, Profit-Driving DDoS Technology

Our industry-leading enhancements provide SPs more than traditional systems ever could. A10’s intelligent automation allows our DDoS technology to greatly expand protected service scale (Thunder TPS can mitigate up to 3,000 attacks at once on a single appliance, for example). We also have the integration and operations flexibility to support differentiated services for numerous customers.

The benefits to you are clear:

  • Speedier response time with intelligent automation across the full protection lifecycle with individual detection and mitigation policies per service tenant.
  • Lower operating costs. Fewer people and pieces of equipment are required, and those remaining become more effective.
  • Massive scaling capabilities. Our solution scales to more than 100,000 monitored servers and services in a single detection appliance.
  • Zero-day attack defense with the integrated dynamic attack pattern extraction.
  • Ongoing protection from a DDoS defense feature that leverages adaptive learning during peacetime and while under attack.
  • Stronger relationships with your business customers who experience clean traffic and minimal service outages.
  • Increased profitability by providing differentiated services for thousands of customers

With these capabilities versus traditional systems, SPs can now create and offer scalable, profit-driving services that can support a massive volume of paying tenants. And because every business has their own risk tolerance and budget considerations, you can offer profit-enhancing and differentiated services including on-demand, monitored reactive and always-on, rather than attempting a one-size-fits-all offering.

Automation and scaling are essential to the success of SPs of all sizes, not to mention the security of your business customers. A10 Networks is proud to bring you industry-leading technology for intelligent automation and scaling while also supporting your customer relationships and enhancing the bottom line.

If these challenges sound familiar and you want a solution for your business, please contact us to set up a demo. We’ll provide a full explanation of the product and answer any questions you have at that time.

Donald Shin

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